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Miss Hispanic USA is a national contest to promote and celebrate the culture and beauty of young latino women living in the United States or with hispanic heritage. The candidates compete in several categories, such as swimwear, gala, and interview. being judged by outstanding personalities in the jury who will not only evaluate their physical appearance; but also their personality, skills and talents. Focuses on promoting inclusion, diversity in our society and celebrating hispanic beauty. this event has the potential to grow in popularity and spread a positive and powerful message. The competition not only has the final coronation gala, but also its events prior to the final. Miss Hispanic USA chooses two winners every year, one of them has to compete in "Miss Hispanic International" to represent USA. 



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Miss Hispanic USA will be celebrating their 1st edition on July 15 of 2023 in the Manuel Artime theater. We are a pageant that is focused on providing a comprehensive and empowering experience for its contestants, we prepared the candidates for 4-month  period that is designed to help the contestants develop a range of skills and knowledge, from runway walk and etiquette to personal growth and nutrition. By offering classes in these areas, the pageant is giving the contestants the tools they need to succeed in various aspects of their lives, beyond just the pageant itself.

One particularly noteworthy aspect of the pageant is its emphasis on celebrating Hispanic heritage. By highlighting the cultural traditions, values, and achievements of the Hispanic community, the pageant is promoting pride and unity among its contestants and audiences. This is especially important in a society where the contributions and perspectives of marginalized groups are often overlooked or dismissed.

In addition to promoting Hispanic heritage, the pageant also seeks to promote inner beauty and confidence. By valuing qualities such as kindness, intelligence, and compassion, the pageant is demonstrating that physical appearance is not the only factor that defines a person's worth. This is a refreshing and empowering message that can help combat negative stereotypes and unrealistic beauty standards.

Overall, the Miss Hispanic USA pageant is an inclusive and empowering platform that values personal growth, cultural heritage, and diversity. By offering a supportive and comprehensive preparation period, the pageant is helping its contestants develop skills and confidence that can serve them well in many areas of their lives.

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